It's Cammi here. I'm curious, do you have any recommended runs for Cecilia Reyes? I wanna start reading more about her.


sure thing! a lot of cecilia’s stuff is a bit scattered but i had compiled a reading list for myself consisting of her main appearances:

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name: faiza hussain

alias: excalibur

team affiliation: mi13

history: faiza hussain (excalibur), a doctor working in london, was helping to keep as many people alive during the skrull invasion when she was attacked by skrull technology. this resulted in her new abilities to manipulate biological matter. after she aided the black knight in the battle against the skrulls,  faiza pulled excalibur from the stone where captain britain had left it, effectively becoming the new wielder of excalibur. subsequently, she joined the mi13.

recommended reading: faiza is one of the underappreciated superheroines in the marvel universe. to remedy this, i created a comprehensive reading order (below) along with links to purchase the comics.

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do you have a masterpost of jason todd as robin?


So, Jason first shows up in Batman #357, pre-crisis. He first takes the Robin costume in #366-368, while trying to figure out an identity of his own, until later Dick gives him his approval, and he becomes the second Robin.

Post-Crisis Jason was reintroduced in Batman #408, ‘til #412. His appearences are steady from Batman #408 to #427, where he dies, his last appearance technically being in Batman #428. During all of this, he is also side-by-side with Batman between Detective Comics #568-582.

In other other comics, he shows up in The New Teen Titans in issues #18-21, #24, #26-#31

You can also check:

  • Gotham Knights #34, #43, #45
  • DC Retroative - Batman: The 80s
  • Batman: The Cult
  • Batman the Brave and the Bold #13
  • Superman #11

You can the downloads here. I’d recommend you starting right off with #408, and the pre-crisis stuff only later out of curiosity.

Modern Wonder Woman Comic Recommendations


Wonder Woman Vol 2 001-062 - George Perez
torrent, Amazon TPB: 01, 02, 03, 04

Wonder Woman Vol 3 014-044 - Gail Simone
depositfiles, torrent, Amazon TPB: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05

Wonder Woman Vol 2 195-226 - Greg Rucka
torrent, Amazon TPB: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05

Wonder Woman Vol 4 001-Present - Brian Azzarello
torrent, Amazon TPB: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05

Other decent Volume 2 runs: Phil Jimenez (164-185), Eric Luke (139-158)


Wonder Woman - The Hiketeia (Greg Rucka) - Amazon
JLA - A League Of One - Amazon
Wonder Woman - Amazonia (Elseworlds) - Amazon
Justice Riders (Elseworlds) - Amazon

(Might be added later: Smallville Season 11 Olympus (Bryan Q Miller), DC Comics Presents Wonder Woman Adventures (collected from DCAU comics), JLA - The Golden Perfect etc)

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Where to start reading Avengers?

This guide is only gonna focus on Modern Avengers, if you’re interested in reading the older comics let me know.

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Name: Tatsu Yamashiro
First Appearance:
 The Brave and the Bold #200 (July 1983)

Tatsu’s story begins in Japan, she’s mostly a regular girl who is very proficient in martial arts and finds herself the recipient of both Maseo and Takeo Yamashiro’s interest, they both declare her love but she ends up going for Maseo of course this angered Maseo and he swore to wreak vengeance.

The spurned Takeo got his hands on a mystical sword, he started a fire that killed Tatsu and Maseo’s twin children then slew Maseo with the sword which trapped Maseo’s soul inside of it. Tatsu managed to take the sword from him and flee.

Tatsu began training as a samurai under a master called Tadashi. After much time she graduated from his tutorship and left for America where she intended to use her talents to fight for justice and her family’s vengeance. She took the codename Katana after the sword that she wielded.

When she journeyed to Markovia she encountered a girl named Halo and helped her save Batman, Batman by then quit the Justice League and formed the Outsiders with Halo and Katana, alongside Black LightningGeo-Force and Metamorpho.

The team moved to Gotham City where they set up their headquarters and Tatsu became Halo’s guardian, caring for Halo through teenage heartbreak and comas alike.

Over the years, Tatsu served on several incarnations of the Outsiders, moonlighted with the Birds of Prey, assisted the Suicide Squad, and stepped in to save Batman a couple of times too many.

New 52 Tatsu has her own self-titled book, is a full member of the Birds of Prey and she has sworn vengeance against the Yakuza for the death of her husband.

Notable Appearances: The Brave and the Bold #200, Batman and the Outsiders v1 #1-32, Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1-2, Adventures of the Outsiders #33-46, The Outsiders v1 #1-28, Suicide Squad v1 #53-57, Outsiders v2 #1-24, Outsiders v3 #26, 27, 30-50, Outsiders: Five of a Kind: Katana/Shazam, Batman and the Outsiders v2 #1-12, Outsiders v4 #15-40

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crestmere comics is a tumblr dedicated to compiling character reading lists that tumblr users have created. it is meant to act as a resource for new and old comic book readers alike.

click here if you are completely new to comics.
click here to find a marvel comics character.
click here to find a dc comics character.
click here for other misc. comic recommendations.

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Recommended Reading


I thought I’d compile a list of Black Widow comics I recommend. As always with superheroes there’s a lot of stuff, some of them are great and some of them are awful, and which is which depends on who you ask. So take this list in the spirit it was given: as one person’s opinion.

All titles listed in chronological order, with the most recent stuff coming first.

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Name: Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix

Aliases: M, Penance

Team Affiliations: X-Factor, X-Men, Generation X

: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Flight, Healing Factor, Superhuman Speed/Strength/Stamina/Invulnerability/Reflexes, Ability to detect auras, Gestalt Form (with siblings)

Monet was born in Bosnia to Ambassador Cartier St. Croix and his wife (related to Algerian royalty). When her older brother Marius’ powers manifested, he accidentally killed their mother. Stricken with grief, their father kicked Marius from their home, leaving Marius to delve into the darkness of his powers. Later, Marius returned and approached Monet to join him in conquering another dimension. Rejecting his offer (and essentially insulting him), Marius trapped Monet in a mute creature with razor-sharp, diamond-hard red skin, forcing her to become Penance. Thinking that their sister was missing, Monet’s younger sisters Claudette and Nicole considered their older sister dead and sentenced Marius to another dimension. Monet, trapped, was forced to go along with him as he claimed to be the only one who could help her. 

Knowing that Monet was their father’s favorite child, the twins merged into one body and essentially became “Monet”. The Generation X team (which included “Monet”) came across Penance (the real Monet) when Gateway dropped her off at the Masachusetts Academy. Because of the nature of her body, Penance could not speak, nor could anyone use telepathy to read her mind. Eventually Claudette and Nicole revealed that they were impersonating Monet and chose to split apart and swap places with the real Monet. Monet continued on with the Generation X team under the codename M. After the team disbanded, Monet temporarily joined Banshee’s X-Corps team with other former Generation X members.

After the events of M-Day, Monet decided to join X-Factor Investigations run by Multiple Man. When Karl Mordo kidnapped her father in hopes of catching Monet, Monet tricked him by using telepathy. Following the Hell on Earth ordeal (in which Monet died and was brought back to life), Monet ended up at the Jean Grey School. She joined the Storm-led team and went against the Sisterhood of Mutants.

Recommended Reading

*Generation X #40-75 ( digital )
**X-Factor Volume 2 #1-50, #200-262 ( trades Volume 1-21 | digital )
***X-Men Volume 4 #7-ongoing ( trade | digital ) 

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whispers can you read avengers world even if you haven't read much avengers stuff or


yeeess…? that’s…a tricky question tbh. shorter answer: probably. long answer…still probably, but you might end up a tad confuzzled.

the thing is, the writer of avengers world is jonathan hickman, and first of all, I honestly don’t think his writing style is very friendly to new readers. it’s not impossible to grasp, it’s just he tends to be a bit heavy-handed on the long-form, complex plots that span multiple books.

so it’s not because you need to have an extensive knowledge of the avengers’ history or marvel canon or anything. it’s because avengers world is connected to the other 2 books that hickman is writing. so if you haven’t read those it’s hard to understand what’s happening? avengers world is like, legible on its own, but you probably won’t have the best idea what is happening in terms of overall plot. if that makes sense.

so ok the 3 books that hickman is writing that are all interconnected are

each book focuses on different views of the same larger plot. mal has a good summary of avengers and new avengers here, which is a pretty good primer although it’s a few months old and other stuff has happened since then. avengers is the main book, featuring the core avengers team lead by steve or tony (or both, depending). new avengers is the illuminati (a secret group of superheroes who think they’re qualified to decide the fate of the world without telling anyone else). and avengers world is the rest of the avengers team dealing with all the stuff that hickman doesn’t have room to include in the main title.

avengers world and new avengers kind of work as supporting books to avengers, I’d say. you don’t have to read new avengers to understand avengers world, or vice versa, but I do advise at least reading the initial arc of avengers vol 5 (#1-11) in order to learn who all the characters introduced are. 

after avengers #11, marvel’s latest event, infinity, happens, which derailed the plot for a bit. you don’t have to read infinity, but the avengers world title was launched after it concluded and deals with the aftermath. so you should probably read at least the summary of the event. if you decide to skip infinity, it concludes after avengers 23, so you can pick up with the title again with #24. (slightly unrelated but I also recommend reading the annual because it is ADORABLE and has nothing to do with the plot of the larger book).

does any of this make sense. oh god. hickman’s plot has been going on since fall of 2012, and it’s scheduled to conclude NEXT MAY, which gives you some idea of how complex it is. when I say hickman goes in for the long game type plots, I’m not exaggerating. he includes helpful infographics to help you keep track of everything that’s happening but it is…pretty dense. I hope this isn’t a deterrent?? it’s probably a deterrent. I’m sorry.

so uhhh going back to my short answer you CAN read avengers world on its own but it helps to read at least avengers 1-11 as well. I probably could have just said that.

[ETA: nick spencer has taken over for hickman on avengers world, but it’s still connected to hickman’s greater plot]

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